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In-Depth Testimonials

For over 10 years, Tom Goyne has guided audiologists towards their goals, helping more patients and growing their practices.

Below are some of their experiences.

Dr. Angela Alexander

Auditory Processing Institute


I have had the privilege of working alongside Tom for several years and have witnessed firsthand his exceptional coaching abilities within the audiology field. Tom has consistently demonstrated his commitment to turning the seemingly impossible into a reality for audiologists striving to enhance their business practices.

Tom approaches his work with a rare combination of straightforwardness, open-mindedness, and boundless energy, establishing himself as a dynamic problem solver. His ability to guide individuals through challenges allows them to find clarity amidst chaos and discover tranquility in times of distress.

One of Tom's standout qualities is his proficiency in breaking down complex concepts into manageable, actionable steps. His approach makes even the most daunting tasks appear achievable, offering a pathway for anyone working with him to navigate through challenges seamlessly.

Considering Tom as a consultant is a wise decision for anyone seeking guidance in the audiology industry. His adeptness at explaining and simplifying intricate matters ensures that his clients can readily implement strategies to achieve their goals. Engaging Tom's services is a choice you will never regret, as he consistently delivers exceptional results.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Tom with a five-star rating for his invaluable contributions to the success of audiologists under his guidance. Working with Tom has been a truly enriching experience, and I am confident that his expertise will continue to make a positive impact on any professional or business fortunate enough to collaborate with him.

Dr. Melisa Sharpe

First Coast Audiology


I met Dr. Goyne through a social media group. I always thought he had good answers to audiologists' questions and also guided them through solutions by asking questions in return. When I needed help getting our auditory processing program off the ground, I reached out to him. He counseled us through many physician meetings. His approach not only helped us gain referrals for auditory processing, but it has also helped us get more patients moving forward with hearing treatment.

Dr. Lisa

Private Practice

Tom Goyne has been great to work with as a consultant.  Since he has a practice, he understands the obstacles that a private practice owner faces on a regular basis.   He offers both solutions and guidance to help ensure that the business grows and more importantly that you as a clinician are offering your patients top notch care.  I would highly recommend Tom as a consultant especially if you would like to take your business to the next level.

Dr. Peter Kleckner

Kleckner Audiology

Consulting consistently with Tom Goyne has helped my practice grow exponentially. Most of us know some things that need improvement in our practice, however, may struggle to implement and or maintain needed changes. Practical Audiology has helped me identify and correct many of these things resulting in better patient care, increased patient satisfaction, as well as business growth.

Dr. Rachel Cohen



Dr. Tom Goyne helped me tremendously with my company, ListenHEAR. He laid the foundation of my business plan and was helpful at seeing things in a way I hadn’t thought of before. He is able to carry on conversations in a way that’s not only educational but encouraging and positive all at the same time. Dr. Goyne had confidence in me and in turn, I myself was more confident in being able to lead a successful and growing practice. If you have an opportunity to work with Dr. Goyne for your practice, just do it. You won’t regret the decision.

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