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Help more patients.
Grow your practice.

With the help and support of Dr. Tom Goyne, implement evidence-based, patient-centered techniques and services to benefit your patients and your audiology practice.

Our Framework


Evidence-based support, tailored to each individual.

Your Goals, Your Plans

No two practices are the same and no two audiologists are the same, so why would we follow a standard "recipe" for everyone?


Research and best practices are utilized to guide you on the journey to reach your business goals and/or clinical goals.

Sessions can be "one and done" or a subscription. There are no contracts and the first session is free.

One-on-one Coaching

Receive customized support and training as you make changes to your practice. Courses and webinars are great, but sometimes you need a coach or consultant to help you to creatively problem solve.


"I have had the privilege of working alongside Tom for several years...
One of Tom's standout qualities is his proficiency in breaking down complex concepts into manageable, actionable steps. His approach makes even the most daunting tasks appear achievable, offering a pathway for anyone working with him to navigate through challenges seamlessly."


Angela Alexander, Au.D.

What types of conversations do we have?

Support comes in the form of business, career, leadership, clinical protocols, and the intersection of all four.

Medical audiologist ear deafness teaching plastic model for diagnosis of deaf

Clinical Services

Many audiologists are interested in diversifying their clinical skills and their revenue streams. Auditory processing, auditory training, tinnitus, vestibular, and cochlear implants are all viable options.

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Increasing Acceptance Rates

There are ethical and evidence-based strategies and techniques that raise the likelihood of people choosing your practice, following through on your recommendations, and potential referral sources actually referring to your practice.

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Leadership & Mangement

As audiologists, our colleagues and staff are a precious resource. Creating and nurturing a culture of focused teamwork is critical to the success of our patients and our practices.

More specifically...

  • Ethical and evidence-based techniques to increase help rate/acceptance rate/success rate.

  • Referral marketing

  • Strategies for online marketing and advertising

  • Implementing auditory processing services

  • Time management for employees and employers

  • Planning a start-up practice

  • Protocols for tinnitus treatment via telehealth

  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

  • Decision-making

  • Protocols for auditory training via telehealth.

  • Effective messaging and branding.

  • Equipment financing

  • Purchasing an established practice.

  • Exit strategies.

  • Employee searches and interviewing strategies.

  • Effectively training new hires.

  • Data management and interpretation.

  • Work/life balance.

  • Goal-setting and process improvement.

  • Strategies for insurance/third-party administrators.

  • Leadership and organizational strategies 

  • And sometimes someone to just listen while you vent.



Dr. Tom Goyne

  • Chief audiologist and proprietor at Aberdeen Audiology in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Aberdeen Audiology is a multi-office, multi-provider private practice that offers services in amplification, auditory processing, auditory training, tinnitus, vestibular, and cochlear implants.


  • Adjunct professor, preceptor, and visiting lecturer at Salus University. He teaches and mentors future doctors of audiology in the classroom and at Aberdeen Audiology.

  • Consultant, mentor, and coach to hundreds of audiologists and future doctors of audiology. He enjoys helping his colleagues help more patients and in turn advancing the profession.

  • Host of The AuD Podcast. Content is focused on the intersection of clinical practice, practice growth, and career growth.

  • Beginning in 2024, he is the President-Elect of the Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology (PAA). In the past, he has served on boards and committees at PAA and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.

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Ready to help more patients, more consistently?

Book a one-on-one, no-charge discovery call to learn more about Practical Audiology and Tom Goyne.

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